My passion is to write books that will inspire and encourage. The Barn Chronicles  series, which tells of the  fun and adventures our family had while living in our 90 year old barn ,was written as a family-read-aloud.

I have completed two volumes in the The Gift of Values series ~ A Resource for Family Devotions.  This is a real passion of mine and something that was born out of my own years of homeschooling my six children.

I am currently writing a book called Heart to Heart with Rosie Boom, in which I share all the messages I’ve given to fellow home-schoolers over 23 years at our New Zealand HEART conferences. My prayer is that it will inspire parents in the exciting but challenging task of raising and educating their children. I’m hoping this book will be available mid 2022.

In 2000, I self published The Happy Prince – a re-telling Of Oscar Wilde’s classic story. The children helped me do the full page colour illustrations – an exciting homeschooling project!

Over the years, I’ve written a number of children’s picture books, none of which have seen the light of day. However! Several are going to burst on the scene shortly…watch this space!

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