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Life in the Boom Family is never dull! Here I share the latest dramas and joys.

Off to China

Great wall

In less than two weeks I’m heading with a friend to go to China for a fortnight. We’re going to be talking with lots of mums to encourage them in their parenting. I’ve been trying to make sure all my ebooks are up and running – too tricky trying to take a whole lot of books with me!

I’m really looking forward to meeting the people and also seeing… read more | 1 Comment

One Year On


Today was the first year anniversary of Dad’s death. I can hardly believe it. John came up from Auckland and we four siblings had a wonderful lunch at Reva’s at the town basin – a place where Dad loved to go and look at the boats.
Then we went to the grave. What a beautiful place Maunu Cemetery is – stone walls, huge stands of trees read more

Kate and Jules Riding sing Surrender

Kate (Medium)

Oh, wow! I’ve just watched Jules Riding and Katie singing Surrender on YouTube. Must confess I cried as I watched it.


Update on Eliza

Photo: Another wonderful day of beautiful music with two of my daughters in beautiful Christchurch.
Tonight was the preliminaries for the Dame Malvina Major aria competition, and Eliza is through to the finals tomorrow night! (7.30 pm at St Mark

I’ve realised I haven’t put anything on my website about my darling Eliza’s latest successes…only did it on Facebook. So I’ll just post the Facebook entries below here for those of you that are interested…
11 July 2014

Another wonderful day of beautiful music with two of my daughters in beautiful Christchurch…

Saying Goodbye to my Mum

DSC04741 (Medium)

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here, and I apologize for that! I have been keeping my Facebook page up to date but nothing else…

It’s been a hugely busy time because my darling mother became sick with bronchitis in late May and died two days later on the 29 May 2014, with pneumonia.

29 May 2014
Tonight my darling mother read more | 7 Comments

Mum is 92

Last week we celebrated Mum’s 92nd birthday! My two brothers and Penny and I took her out to lunch at a café, and then went back to her room for some birthday cake. Mum was bright and I know she felt loved.
When we got back to the rest home hospital I noticed one of the ladies looking incredibly sad. She often does, but I

God is Awake

2014-01-31 20.20.45

I had my ultrasound scan yesterday. It showed that the tendons are all okay, but there are signs of ligament damage. So I have to wait now for my specialist appointment and for him to organize an MRI. I guess I’m one step closer to sorting… things out.
I had a lovely evening afterwards with Mum. I tucked her into bed and as always we prayed for each… read more | 1 Comment

Stacking Firewood


Last week we made a momentous milestone! We finally cleared the back porch of all Chris’s tools and workbench and moved everything into the new garage that we’ve been building. It’s not finished yet, but oh boy, it’s good to have the porch clear. It’s been such a mess! Then the other day we brought in one of our wood piles and stacked it along the… read more

Ellie’s Song

100_1565 - Copy

This week Ellie sent me the link to her song on You Tube. She wrote the song, and produced it for one of her sound production projects at Vision College.
Have a listen! 🙂

Spring in the Garden


I’ve just come in from working in the garden. It’s a glorious spring day. Quite hot. So I actually went for my first swim in the pool! Then I had fun going around my (still young) garden and taking some photos of God’s handiwork. One of favourite spring combinations is the dark purple iris alongside the first blooms of David Austin rose Abraham… read more | 2 Comments