The latest books and happenings, and the general comings and goings of Rosie and the Boom Family.

Read Aloud Books

When I was seven years old and living in the city of Auckland, my parents took up teaching positions at the St Christopher’s Anglican Mission school in Popondetta, Papua New Guinea. My siblings and I enjoyed three years of adventure in our new jungle home where we become explorers in our own wild kingdom. We swam and fished in the rivers and made huts and gardens where we grew pineapples, peanuts… read more

Two Full Hearts in an Empty Nest

We have had the incredible joy of celebrating four of our children’s weddings in the last 18 months. Huge changes in the Boom family! Changes that I have anticipated and been preparing for. Some years ago, I looked into the future and realised that life as I’d known and loved it for the last 30 years was going to change. I began to ready myself. I started praying that God… read more

Twin Finalists

I was delighted to receive an email saying that Where the Jungle Calls is a finalist in the 2021 CALEB Prize in the Children’s Fiction Early Reader and Middle Grade section. But I was OVERJOYED to see that my twin sister Penelope Foote is also a finalist with her delightful book The Adventures of Romy!

Twinnie celebration is in order! How amazing to have my… read more

First Books Ever Read by 81 Year Old

I received this email today. It doesn’t get much better than this for an author.

Hi Rosie, Thank you for your 4 book series on your family living in the barn. I have just finished reading them and as a 81 year old dyslexic man I have to say that these are the first books I have read cover to cover. “Wow!” I have read parts of many… read more

Writing Retreat at Kenepuru Sound

A week today and Penny and I are off on an exciting adventure! We’re spending one night in a hobbit hole, and then we’re flying to Nelson. From there we’re driving up into the Marlborough Sounds to the Kenepuru Sound (an arm of Pelorus Sound). We’re staying at a friend’s newly purchased sheep and beef station. Isolated. Quiet. Just the two of us. And we are going to write, write… read more

New Audiobook Available!

Where Lions Roar at Night Audiobook

Where Lions Roar at Night is now available as an audiobook! I will be adding the next three books of The Barn Chronicles series over the next wee while, so do keep an eye on my audiobook page.

As soon as I complete recording those, I will then record Where the Jungle Calls.

I really hope some of you will enjoy this new format of read more

Book Award

I’m excited to announce that Where the Jungle Calls has just won the 2021 Christian Indie Award in the Children’s 8-12 year category.

‘Since 2008, Christian Indie Awards (originally called Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award) honor Christian books by independent authors and small publishers for outstanding contribution to Christian life.’

Where the Crickets Sing won the same award in… read more

Homewood Stoves

Those of you who have read The Barn Chronicles will know how much we, the Boom family, love our beautiful cast iron cooking stove – a Heritage made by Homewood Stoves. Our Homewood kept us warm during the long cold winters we had in our uninsulated 100-year-old barn, and ensured we had delicious lamb roasts and casseroles for dinner when the power went off for days during storms… read more

Reading in a Tree Hut

Last week I received the sort of email any author loves to get! Olivia wrote to me, “Dear Rosie Boom it’s Olivia here! I just wanted to say that I am reading your Barn Chronicles again for the third time! I am on the third book, Where the Crickets Sing, and I love it so much! Also, I have been reading your… read more

Hello 2021!

Hello from New Zealand!

It’s been ages since I posted here, and I apologize for that! The book tour of March 2020 survived for just five short days and then had to be cancelled due to our country going into lockdown with COVID 19. In the last nine months, our family has had the joy of an engagement in India, three weddings, read more