Here I share any news about my own writing and also any encouraging ideas and articles for aspiring writers. In 2002, Chris gave me an enrollment into a four year comprehensive writing course for my birthday present. It was my best presie ever! I loved the course, and writing quickly became a passion. It took perseverance and lots of discouraging moments before I finally had my first story accepted for publication in Guide Magazine. After that initial acceptance it seemed to became easier and easier.

One of the passions I have had for many years is to encourage parents in the wonderful and challenging task of raising their children. So, in 2006 I began writing a series called The Gift of Values. Volume One was published in 2007 and in 2008 The Gift of Values ~ Volume Two was published. I am in the process of writing Volume Three.

After a year of living in our barn, the story of our life here just had to be told! Where Lions Roar at Night just about wrote itself. I have always kept a very detailed diary and the book was very easy to write as I chuckled my way through the entries, remembering those special moments.

Writing is a gift, but also a discipline and a craft. We need to develop it and improve it. This takes time and effort, but is well worth it! May God use our writing to His glory.

Twenty-five Writing Tips

by Rosie Boom

is forearmed. Set the cold steel of your blade against the throat of your
enemies – bad dialogue, weak antagonists, bland characters – to name a few.

practical session identifying some of the most common mistakes made by writers.
And for each potential mistake, a down-to-earth, simple remedy.

Make your writing tighter, lighter and brighter.

Thanks to Bob Mayer for some of
the ideas for this workshop.

1. Start!

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    simple but obvious truth. Many

“The Bad Thing About Good Books”


I recently received a beautiful letter from one of my young readers saying, “Do you know the bad thing about good books? Mum has to stop reading them.” 🙂

I once received an encouraging email from a mother telling me she plans to buy a boxed set of The Barn Chronicles for each of her children so that  in later years they can enjoy… read more

What is a Classic?





Today I received an encouraging email from a mother. She told me she plans to buy a boxed set of The Barn Chronicles for each of her children so that they will in later years enjoy reading them to their own children. How precious. It got me to thinking…

The definitions of a classic according to the Collins Dictionary are:


    E Books!

    On Saturday I finally published Where Lions Roar at Night as an ebook on the internet! It’s been a huge process and a steep learning
    curve for me, but I feel an equally big thrill at having finally accomplished it. 🙂 Now I’m asking a favour from my readers and friends! I need some people who are willing to go to Smashwords and write a review… read more

    The Writer’s Well

    I just read a lovely quote from a book by a Jewish painter who my sister Penny stayed with on their recent trip to Israel.

    “To write a book takes as much craftmanship as the building of a violin, and a heart’s bond with secret rivers. But when the well is made, a thousand may drink from it.” Birgitta Yavar-Ilan… read more

    Write in the Stolen Hours

    I have stories to tell. Put in other words, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. It’s a jolt into the real world of writing when you realise that each story, each book, is going to be a huge amount of work – blood, sweat and tears. Even though I have been quoted as saying, “The Barn Chronicles just about wrote themselves”, the truth of it is… read more | 3 Comments

    CALEB Book Awards Announcement

     Omega Writers has the utmost pleasure in announcing the category winners of the 2011 CALEB Prize for faith-inspired writing.
    Chuck Colson said, ‘Good literature has the power to change people’s thinking and change people’s lives.’
    Not many months ago… read more


    What on earth  is a fumblerule? Let me give you one before I tell you.  ‘Avoid cliches like the plague.’ Want one more? What about this one?  ‘Don’t use no double negatives. I’m sure you’ve got it. 🙂 A fumblerule is a rule that breaks itself; mistakes that call attention to the rule. William… read more | 1 Comment

    Story in Six Words

    I’ve been doing a bit of reading lately about Ernest Hemmingway.
    He  was famous for a terse minimalist style of writing that dispensed with flowery adjectives and got straight to the point. He was challenged once to write an entire story in just six words. This is what he… read more | 1 Comment

    Interview about Writing

    Here is a copy of an interview I had with the aussiewriters blog spot earlier this year.

    What inspired you to write your books?
    For a number of years women asked me to write a book about what I was teaching them at different conferences. I suppose they were the ones who finally pushed me into actually doing it. The inspiration had been there for a long time–a… read more | 1 Comment