Here I share any news about my own writing and also any encouraging ideas and articles for aspiring writers. In 2002, Chris gave me an enrollment into a four year comprehensive writing course for my birthday present. It was my best presie ever! I loved the course, and writing quickly became a passion. It took perseverance and lots of discouraging moments before I finally had my first story accepted for publication in Guide Magazine. After that initial acceptance it seemed to became easier and easier.

One of the passions I have had for many years is to encourage parents in the wonderful and challenging task of raising their children. So, in 2006 I began writing a series called The Gift of Values. Volume One was published in 2007 and in 2008 The Gift of Values ~ Volume Two was published. I am in the process of writing Volume Three.

After a year of living in our barn, the story of our life here just had to be told! Where Lions Roar at Night just about wrote itself. I have always kept a very detailed diary and the book was very easy to write as I chuckled my way through the entries, remembering those special moments.

Writing is a gift, but also a discipline and a craft. We need to develop it and improve it. This takes time and effort, but is well worth it! May God use our writing to His glory.

Interview about Writing

Here is a copy of an interview I had with the aussiewriters blog spot earlier this year.

What inspired you to write your books?
For a number of years women asked me to write a book about what I was teaching them at different conferences. I suppose they were the ones who finally pushed me into actually doing it. The inspiration had been there for a long time–a… read more | 1 Comment

CALEB Shortlist

I’ve just been informed that Where Arrows Fly is on the shortlist for the Children’s books section of the CALEB Prize 2011.Exciting! Where Lions Roar at Night won the same prize last year. I am flying to Brisbane in November to do a workshop at the writer’s fair, so will be there to attend the award ceremony. Of course it… read more | 2 Comments

Haiku at the Booms

This morning we had fun doing Haiku poems together. Haikus must have only three lines, with five syllables in the first and third lines, and seven in the second line. We did What Am I? haikus. Have a read and see if you can work out what the different animals/things are. I’ll put the answers up tomorrow. 🙂 Kids, you may like to try your own  and send them to… read more

Book Quote

When our ferry was delayed on our way to the South Island we spent an hour or so exploring the Beehive grounds and walking the streets near the ferry. I took a photo of this sign in a book store – a great advertisement for the worth of books! In case you can’t read it clearly enough, I’ll write it out… read more

Thank God for Books

I just read a wonderful quote which inspired me to keep writing!

“When I consider what some books have done for the world, and what they are doing, how they keep up our hope, awaken new courage and faith, soothe pain, give an ideal life to those whose hours are cold and hard, bind together distant ages and foreign lands, create new worlds of beauty, bring down truth from… read more

CALEB Book Prize Update

I’ve been over in Brisbane for the last four days attending a writer’s fair (which was very inspiring), having a book launch for Where Arrows Fly and attending the awards dinner for the CALEB Book Prize. My book Where Lions Roar at Night was a finalist in the Children’s section.
It was a wonderful evening, although nerve-wracking, and I met so many inspiring writers and editors. And of course the… read more

Caleb Book Prize Update

Where Lions Roar at Night is one of three finalists for the Children’s section of the Caleb Book Prize! Exciting. I’m flying to Brisbane on the 6th November to attend the awards dinner and ceremony… read more

Where Arrows Fly

Yesterday a large truck rumbled up our drive and delivered 2000 copies of my latest book, Where Arrows Fly (the sequel to Where Lions Roar at Night)
Very exciting. Now I just have to sell them!
So if you’re interested in buying a copy, email me on wherearrowsfly@rosieboom.com
I will be trying to set up the option for buying on my website in the next couple of days… read more | 2 Comments

Book Launch

I’m sitting by our wood stove, enjoying its warmth and watching to make sure I don’t overcook all the chocolate chippie biscuits the kids have made for my book launch tomorrow night.  Storytime Award Winning Books and Toys is hosting the launch for Where Lions Roar at Night, which will be held in the Strand, Whangarei, at 7pm on the 16th April 2009. It should be a fun night, with… read more

Where Lions Roar at Night

Over the last few weeks I’ve undergone a crash course on how to make my own website! Felt like pulling my hair out at times, but I think that I’ve just about got it done. www.wherelionsroaratnight.com should be up and running on the 9 March so do check it out. And please overlook any gliches which will no doubt surface… read more | 3 Comments