Wait for the Lord

Hi, I’m Rosie Boom. Psalm 27 says, Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Waiting is never easy. I waited a long time before God brought my husband Chris into my life. Some of those years were difficult and challenging. Years ago, in the middle of my single years and my waiting, my grandfather gave me some wonderful advice. I wrote it in the back of my Bible and have read it many times over the years. In heeding his three points I’ve found peace in my waiting.

No 1. Remember, nothing out of God’s timing works.

No 2. Always wait till you hear his voice.

No 3. Never try to force an issue. God’s way is perfect. Accept it. You can trust him to always do the loveliest thing possible.

So let us take heart! God’s plans are worth waiting for.

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