Chimneys and Lawns

Last night I went down into the meadow and took a photo of the house. I was trying to capture the sweet sight of smoke coming out of our new flue, and also the freshly mown lawn! Can’t wait to play our first game of croquet! But the smoke disappeared into the evening sky, and you can’t see much of the new lawn that looks so lush after its first mow. Never mind. What you can see is one of our next projects – the building of a stone wall! We’re really looking forward to doing this. We’ve collected quite a few rocks already from up the road – still a lot of trailer loads to go, but it’s such a neat feeling gathering them.

Here’s a photo of part of the new lawn.  Chris is laying a path around the side of the house; Shasta the cat watching him.

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2 responses to “Chimneys and Lawns”:

  1. Looking wonderful Rosie. Even though you can’t see the smoke or see golden leaves something about the photos just seem so autumn-ey and lovely. xox

  2. It is awesome seeing the progress of your lovely home and your farm. Bless you all heaps, from Beverley. xxxx 🙂

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