Evening of Content – Loving my Homewood!

With the shorter days and autumn leaves turning beautiful golds and reds, I’m loving anew my Homewood stove. I love seeing the children all gathering around it, jostling for the best place, and reading their books while I prepare dinner.



Last week I discovered this beautiful prayer and I’ve made it my special Homewood prayer of thanksgiving. I’ve written it on a piece of paper and stuck to the wall by the fire, but one of these days I’m going to write it out beautifully and frame it.

“How can our minds and bodies be
Grateful enough that we have spent
Here in this generous room, we three,
This evening of content?
Each one has walked through storm
And fled the wolves along the road;
But here the hearth is wide and warm,
And for this shelter and this light
Accept, O Lord, our thanks tonight.”
(Sara Teasdale)

And I am thankful for every evening of content that we have spent in front of the wide and warm hearth of  our Homewood. 🙂

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2 responses to “Evening of Content – Loving my Homewood!”:

  1. Love this 🙂 Poem and the photos.

  2. Rosie and Chris — we love your website and this blog is special. You are cooking on a wood oven.. wow Joan’s mum had a ‘coal range’ stove on the farm – but burned wood too. The years slip by, our children are all busily serving and working and the LORD is keeping us and working on our next home : )
    Blessings on you all — Denis and Joan

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