Sam’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Samuel’s 15th birthday! I can hardly believe it! Where have the years gone?? My chubby boy has been changed into a tall handsome young man.

Chris and Sam had a lot of fun with a wrestling match…at first Chris threw his weight around and it seemed like Sam was doomed…

but then, suddenly the tables turned! Don’t you love it?!

We love you, Sam!!!

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4 responses to “Sam’s Birthday”:

  1. go sam

  2. Wow, he is so tall,the time has flown by, my boys can’t wait until they too can better their father in a wrestling match.

  3. Hapyy bday Sam

  4. Happy birthday Sam!
    I hope you have a cool birthday …. just one problem you are taller then your Mum!!!!!!!!!!!
    With love Sophie 🙂

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