Life has a Middle Name – Change

2015 is well under way and all sorts of changes have happened in the Boom family. The one I’m still shaking my head about in disbelief is that I am now only home schooling ONE child!

At the beginning of the year Samuel received a call from a young Christian builder offering him an apprenticeship. Sam has wanted to be a builder since he was a chubby four year old! He grew up helping Chris do various building tasks…

DSC03304 (Small)

DSC03305 (Small)

So, with that phone call the whole look of my homeschooling year changed overnight ! Sam is now enjoying doing a man’s job. That means that Jacob is the only one left in the Boom homeschool! I can hardly believe it. I’ve been home schooling for twenty years but they seem to have flown past.I want to enjoy these last few years with Jacob and make it a special time for the two of us.

Some other changes…

Emily has begun studying at NorthTec doing a Bachelor of Nursing degree. It gave me a funny feeling seeing my girl all dressed up in her nurse’s uniform.


Kate said goodbye to her family and her dog Freya and headed off to Wellington where she has begun her masters in Music Therapy.


Ellie has graduated from her Music degree and has begun her honours in performance at Waikato University. She’s going to have a busy year competing in many aria competitions around NZ.


And Josiah has just begun a new part time job with a valuation firm, which is very exciting.


So the year has already held lots of changes, and I must admit that sometimes I find change unsettling and even difficult. It’s hard for me to move on and away from the precious happy years we’ve had as a noisy busy household, and a full ‘classroom’. But I know that life has a middle name, and that name is CHANGE. I must embrace it and not shy away from it or fear it. Things do change. People change. Circumstances change . We change. And that’s good. And what is most wonderful of all is that through all the changes, the moving, the growing, the letting go, God never changes. He remains faithful, loving and committed to us. He never changes.

“His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:23


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2 responses to “Life has a Middle Name – Change”:

  1. Enjoy reading your comments, blog and news…. CHANGE here again too as a new granddaughter came into our lives yesterday to our older daughter after over 4 years since her third son arrived.. being there for the home birth yesterday was awesome and seeing her older boy of 7 ( she homeschools) being such a loving help and encourager completely spontaneously was powerful. Thinking of you going to China..exciting opportunities…. love to you all. Jean

  2. What you wrote that life is full of Changes is so true for all of us! We told the GCI students in SE Asia that the unofficial motto was: “Be Flexible”! God bless each of you as you change and grow and succeed! With love, Brian and Ruth

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