Here are some websites that are interesting and helpful…

Homewood Stoves – Our Homewood stove is the heart of our home! Here you can read all about the Homewood Stoves, get great recipes and most importantly, place your order!!

Home Education Foundation NZ  Serving, promoting, defending and publishing for Christian and secular home educators in NZ and overseas since 1986.

Omega Writers Australasia The association of Australasian wordsmiths writing faith inspired work. A great site to visit to find encouragement as a writer and details about their competitions for Australasian writers.

Shoeless NZ – my daughter Katie’s website. She has been barefoot now for three years and has set up a charity called Shoeless which raises money for children in Cambodia.

Grace and Truth Books in America – my distributor in the States. he has a wonderful range of beautiful books! Check out his site sometime.

HEART Northland – a site which details our yearly conference for homeschooling mums to get away and be inspired.