I’m sure the very first song I sang was a duet with my twin sister Penelope in utero! Then when we were ten our older brother John gave us each a 3/4 size guitar, taught us a few chords and we were away! I wrote my first song when I was 16, and songwriting has been a continuing source of joy to me.

The very first song Chris and I sang together was a wedding song! He had come over to visit me in Borneo and was happy to do some harmonies with me in a song I’d been asked to sing at a friend’s wedding. Perhaps that was a sign of the romance that was to come?!

After our marriage in 1987, we began singing together at the odd event. Then in 1990 I read a beautiful verse that unlocked my heart – “My heart overflows with a good theme. I will address my verses to the King. My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer.” Psalm 45v1

That day I wrote Bitter and Sweet and over the next weeks and months and years songs poured out of me after years of silence.   Chris and I had spent some time in Asia, and many of the songs I wrote during this time were inspired by these experiences.

With the birthing of all these songs came increasing opportunity to perform and share at all sorts of events and at  many churches.

Penny and I released Evening Canvas in 1990, and then Chris and I recorded Tend to the Fire in 1992 and Wounded Healer in 1993. Penny joined with Chris and I to record The Road in 1998.

The three main things we love to sing about are: faith, family and missions. We long to see peoples’ spiritual, emotional and physical needs met through our ministry and songs.

When Josiah and Kate and Ellie were little we were travelling and performing almost every weekend. They used to love to lie on mattresses on the floor backstage and listen to Mummy and Daddy singing. They soon began singing with us. Kate had her debut in a large church in Auckland. She sat waiting in the front row until I gave her a signal to come up on stage. She stood on a chair and sang Jesus Loves the Little Children. It was beautiful. She went back to her seat admidst loud applause and promptly burst into tears. Later when I asked her why she cried she said, “Oh Mummy! I wanted to sing two songs!” 🙂  No surprise then that she is in her last year of a music degree majoring in voice and piano.

Now when we sing as a family we have any number of guitarists and singers, bongo drummers and a huge repetoire of original songs. (Josiah and Eliza both love to write their own songs.)


 Chris and Rosie have been singing together since their marriage in 1987.
They live in Whangarei, New Zealand, with their six children. Chris is involved in agricultural research and Rosie is a homemaker and home schools the children. Rosie spent some of her childhood in Papua New Guinea, where her parents taught at a mission school. This time had a profound effect on her life, and after completing her nursing training, she spent time involved in mission work on the island of Borneo.

Chris and Rosie also travelled through Asia after their marriage, and many of their songs are inspired by these experiences. Both have been committed Christians for many years.
They long to see peoples’ spiritual, emotional and physical needs met through their ministry and song.

Their music has been described as heart moving and heart healing. They have a real ability to motivate people towards intimacy with God and towards service, with a strong marriage/family and missions emphases. Their presentations are warm and intimate. Rosie plays acoustic guitar in various styles ranging from folk to ballad to blues. They share the vocals, with both duets and solos, and are also joined by their children.
Over the last 20 years they have performed extensively throughout New Zealand and overseas at concerts, mission weekends, conferences and church services. They have written hundreds of songs and released five CDs.

During the last few years they have enjoyed doing children/family concerts in churches. Chris and Rosie’s children sing with them in concert also, and do puppet shows, much to the delight of audiences.

Over the years they have had the joy of working with World Vision, doing many concerts each year promoting Child Sponsorship. Many of their songs reflect their heart of compassion for the poor.

An evening with this refreshing couple is an enjoyable, yet heart moving and motivating experience, appealing to all ages, and should not be missed.

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