A Sad Day

Milly’s milking cow Blossom has been losing weight for some time now and has also had a bad hip which has stopped her from being able to get pregnant. So finally today Chris made the call that she needed to be put down. 🙁


I feel so upset about it – she’s nourished our family for  a long time now and has supplied us with bountiful milk, butter and cheese. I know it has to be done but still feel very emotional. I went out to say goodbye and thank her for all the milk just now, and watched her hobble across the paddock. She looks old and thin. I know it’s the kindest thing to do, but still…

The man from the Lion Park will be here soon. Chris is away at a meeting, so Samuel is in charge of showing the man where she is and helping him with the front end loader.  I don’t think Milly will watch. She is quite matter-of-fact about it, but I know she’ll be feeling it. I saw her go out and give Blossom a brush and a scratch around the ears just before.

I can’t bear to be around, so am just going to head down the the river now. I guess it’s life on the farm but maybe I was never meant to be a farmer.

2 August 2011 ~ Rosie

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11 responses to “A Sad Day”:

  1. oh dear, we just read the ‘Pig of a Cow’ chapter in ‘Where Arrows Fly’ tonight where Maddie becomes Blossom…the kids will be sad to hear this.

  2. Yes, very sad. Maybe you shouldn’t tell them?? Let them read about it in book 4 in two years time!!

  3. oh, poor Milly, may God bless you with another cow as good as Maddie -ur… I mean Blossom <3 <3<3

  4. Oh sad! We’ve just had a funeral for a Guinea Pig the other week. Might’ve been only little but the kids were so sad. Max made a cross and we all said something and remembered that God knows even when the sparrows fall.

  5. Indeed he does! That’s a comforting thought. 🙂 Sad tio hear about your Guinea pg. Do you know I had a hamster named after me in Colorado after my visit there? her name was Rosie Boom. But she died later of liver failure. 🙁

  6. give my love to your family!!!! <3 <3

  7. I will. Thanks, Kaitlyn.

  8. <3 means "heart/love"

  9. Has she been put down yet please tell me when. thanx 🙁 & 🙂

  10. poor blossom.
    and she had my name for the start

  11. Madde, but Blossoms name is splet diffrent

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