China Adventure

Thought I should post some pics of my amazing time in China. It was a very busy time – we hit the ground running and had visited four cities in five days…Shanghai, Kunshan, Nanjing and Beijing. I got quite sick in my last week unfortunately but still managed to visit the amazing Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and of course the Great Wall. Even managed to get a few inches of air there. 🙂 They were all amazing but the best thing for me had to be all the amazing, beautiful people I met!!

20150324_140229 (Small) - Copy

Managing a small leap for joy on the Great Wall.



20150315_135104 (Small) - Copy

The speed trains…so fast!!

20150317_001122 (Small) - Copy - Copy

One of my wonderful interpreters

20150317_135254 (Small)

Lost in Shanghai?

">20150317_192149 (Small) 20150318_020253 (Small) - Copy

Some folk in Nanjing

20150318_194025 (Small) - Copy

The Nanjing University – beautiful

20150321_153055 (Small) - Copy

New friends in Beijing

20150323_111955 (Small) - Copy

 About to board a boat to explore the Summer Palace. (It actually left without us while we were taking the photo.)

20150323_123438 (Small) - Copy

The incredible Long Corridor – 728 metres long, with 14,000 pictures painted on its ceiling. Beautiful!!!

20150324_124905 (Small)

The incredible Great Wall of China!\

">20150324_131131 (Small) 20150324_142201 (Small) - Copy

20150324_133735 (Small)


Up on one of the watch towers. Seeing the inhospitable, mountainous terrain to the north

you’d wonder what invading army could ever be a threat.

20150325_102714 (Small) - Copy

Tienanmen Square

IMG_1093 (Small)

Some of the wonderful people in Shanghai


shouji 2422 (Small)

The massive gates in the Forbidden City. And the ghastly dust mask.

shouji 2491 (Small)

A selfie in the Forbidden City

shouji 2514 (Small)

The gnarled trunk and roots of an ancient sycamore tree in the garden of the Forbidden City.



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2 responses to “China Adventure”:

  1. Love the photos of you and your new friends. Wow four cities in five days…….You’d need to come home to rest after that whirlwind tour…glad you had a great time. Stay blessed. Love Sacha..xxxx

  2. Thank you for sharing photos of yourself at the amazing Great Wall of China for those of us who have never seen it in person. So glad you could help other homeschoool teachers there. Hope you heal quickly. love, Ruth

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