Fun at the Field Days

It’s Mystery Creek time again, and this year will be a special time for me! My twin sister Penny is going to be there representing the wonderful Homewood stoves, which are made by her husband. Chris and I own a Homewood Heritage and it  was the very heart of our 90 year old barn for the last four winters. It now has pride of place in our new home. 🙂 Those of you who have read my Barn Chronicles series will know how much we value our Homewood.

Anyway, the exciting news is that I am going to be joining my sister for the Fieldays!  Together we will enjoy meeting the masses of people who are interested in the stoves, enticing them in with the smells of fresh bread baking and of course  welcome warmth on frosty Waikato mornings.  We will have  the very first model of the Companion running and on display.  It is gorgeous! Chris and I have already determined that when we are old and living in a small cottage (!!?) we will have a Companion. 🙂 

We’ll be in a tent this time around, not the Homewood cabin as seen in the photo below. (The Homewood Cabin has been retired up the back of the Foote farm) but if you look for site R38 and follow the smells of fresh baking I’m sure you’ll find us…

So, it promises to be a fun week! We are staying with Chris’s mum and dad, which is where my daughter Kate lives. It’s also Penny’s and my birthday coming up, so we’ll have some special time together, go out for dinner, catch a movie perhaps… I’ve just got to get over the slight guilt of leaving my husband and children for five days….

I’m going to have my books for sale there and would love to meet any of you who can drop in for a chat!! See you there! (Wednesday 15th – Sat 18th June)

Rosie~ 12 June 2011

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4 responses to “Fun at the Field Days”:

  1. I met you at the field day today and bought your book and chatted about the stove. Although you didn’t say it I thought you must have been a christian and I wondered if you also homeschooled!
    Now reading your website I am jealous of the time you have spent with your children and how you have trained them, and wish I could turn back time and do it with my children. Still they haven’t left home yet so there is still hope …
    And I’m looking forward to reading your book to them curled up in front of the fire.
    May God continue to bless you.

  2. Thanks Leanne! A few years ago I went to a camp and that night a strange things happened! You can read about it if you search my website for Seize the Day. And you can definitely seize each day with your children. Tomorrow when we wake, it will be a fresh, new day, full of opportunities and promise. I hope you really enjoy it with your family!! Love, Rosie

  3. I said this on ” Where Lions Snore at Night?” but; Cool as!!!!! I love your Homewood stove it must take a while to cook cookies, build a fire, get it warm, put them in and wait so they don’t come out “Smoking Cow-pats” as called 🙂 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I love Mystery creek!!!!!!!

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