Holiday Fun

We’ve had a full busy two weeks, starting with a visit from some of Chris’s family from Europe; two of his cousins – Jacqueline from Vienna and Marjo from Holland – and his Uncle Jo from Switzerland. Both the girls were as tall as Chris! I felt like a halfling beside them. 🙂 Chris’s mum came up with them, as well as his brother Rob and son Andrew. We also had two of the children’s cousins here for the week so it was a full house. The kids had fun sleeping down in the barn. 🙂

Chris helps with the dinner

The small extra table in the kitchen comes in handy for the big meals.

This photo makes me laugh. I was getting ready to serve dinner and happily singing along with all the singing that was happening in the lounge. Jacqueline has been an opera singer in Vienna for a number of years and she gave Ellie several lessons in the German pronounciation of Ellie’s ATCL songs. Marjo is a concert pianist, so we had a beautiful concert one afternoon with the two sisters performing together for us.

Angel always tries to join in, but has a pitiful voice. 🙂

One afternoon was full of hilarity as the children made yet another movie. They spent ages dressing up and then called me in as camera person…the scene was from The Lord of the Rings – Elrond’s council of the ring where the fellowship was formed and Frodo offers to take the ring and destroy it at Mount Doom. It was hilarious! Genevieve has never seen the movie or read the book so she had no idea of the names of the characters. She came out with some very unique adaptations –  Bomo, Bormor, Bromo (for Boromir),  Fromo and Frozone for Frodo, and best of all was her mistake  in our last take…she said, “Where is G..G..Gilmour?”

At that Strauss rose to his full height and said, “The name is Gandalf, and I am here.” It was hard not to crack up. 🙂 We now have a priceless selection of bloopers. 🙂

Gandalf and Frodo

A Hobbit with Attitiude

We had a massive thunderstorm last night and heavy rain. At eight in the morning the kids dressed in their togs and headed off for the swollen river to go canoeing in the pouring rain. Good grief. The worst of it was that I was worried about them doing it on their own so I had to get out of bed (it is the holidays), put on a raincoat and follow them in the intrepid journey. Evie the cat must have been worried too, cos she followed us the whole way, howling pitifully in a mournful dirge.

Sam very quickly capsized by some branches of a tree that were submerged and disappeared under the muddy waters. I yelled a number of times to him, but got no answer. I was just about to jump in, when I saw his blond head appear and he yelled to me, “I’m up!”

Milly helps Sam retrieve the sunken canoe

Sam swims back across

Aaargh. That was enough for my mother’s nerves. I made them all get out, which they did fairly willingly, given that they were all freezing.

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13 responses to “Holiday Fun”:

  1. That’s great! How fun, I guess you Rosie were standing on the bank then and not in a canoe? Ha – my kids been out at 7.30 collecting ice off puddles (Abby in her nightie). I was warmly watching from the kitchen window.

  2. My sister Charmagne made Hobbit feet
    She got some polar fleece and cut them out in the shape of the top of a foot and got doll’s hair and sewed the hair on to the polar fleece.
    put some leather for the big toe and ankle and… wollah! hairy feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Angel looks so cute!!!!!! Murphy,our dog used to sing with us as well.

  4. We had a lovely time with you all!! Thanks for everything!!

  5. Thanks for the lovely time with you and your family !! XXX Marjo

  6. another idearfor the next book name: “Where Children Laugh” 😀 🙂

  7. is my one ok?

  8. I have been capsized a lot

    go sam

  9. ps
    i like movie making to

  10. your book is great i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give my love

  11. Where is Mr. Boom’s home town?

  12. Chris was born in Hamilton in the wonderful Waikato. 🙂

  13. That must have been GREAT fun sleeping in the barn!
    ps i live in Hamilton in the Waikato.

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