Twenty Five Years!

Today Chris and I are celebrating our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!!! Hard to believe. 🙂 Are we really that old? We were married at the  Hamilton Apostolic Church by Pastor Kevin Ahern. What a wonderful day it was! One of the songs at the wedding was Great is Thy Faithfulness – we sang it again this morning. It’s been a wonderful quarter of a century – six beautiful children, and a multitude of rich experiences shared together. And how wonderful to be able to say we love each other just as much as we did way back then!

Twenty five years on 🙂

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9 responses to “Twenty Five Years!”:

  1. Congratulations Rosie – it was a great wedding and lovely to still be your friend!

  2. So lovely. Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Wow how great is that. Nigel & I were married 25 years ago on Sat 23 Jan 1988 in Hastings. May you and your whanau and extended family that I know be blessed most abundantly. Have a good Christmas and a prosperous new year. Love & Prayers from Nigel & Beverley xxxx 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the quarter century. Hope you had a wonderful day and are enjoying a romantic night on youur own either with or without the kids. Congratulations on still being well in love and on the 25 years.


  6. Congratulations! You don’t look a thing older! 😀

  7. Congratulations, Dear Chris and Dear Rosie, on 25 years of happy married life! We remember with what sincerity you both wanted to be in the center of God’s will as you prayed about your lifetime commitment to each other. You have been faithful to God and to each other. Now there are many memories of how God has guided you, blessed you and helped you through all of the adversities that every family encounters. May your lives continue to be “read and seen and heard” as a living letter of Jesus’ love for those observing. with much love, Brian and Ruth

  8. Congrats on 25 years of Marriage…it was a prviledge to officiate at your wedding….indeed Great is Thy Faithfulness!!!! Blessings in Christ. Kevin and Jan

  9. Congrats!

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