Wonderful News – Love is in the air

We are so excited! Our first born son Josiah and his girlfriend Sarah are engaged!! We’re so thrilled to welcome Sarah into our family. She is beautiful inside and out. God is good!
Here’s a copy of Joe’s post announcing their engagement. 🙂
“I’m so excited and blessed to be engaged to the amazing and gorgeous Sarah Edwards! After a picnic at the top of Mt Aubrey I asked her to marry me and she said yes! We don’t have a ring yet but I was able to present her with one of the family tree medallions instead.
Sarah, I eagerly look forward to a rich and happy life with you. You’re my best friend and being with you fills me with so much joy. I love you!”
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5 responses to “Wonderful News – Love is in the air”:

  1. Congratulations Josiah & Sarah.

  2. Dont ya just love love?

  3. So happy for you all ! Rich blessings on the young couple.

  4. Your children are lovely Rosie – she actually looks as if she could have been your daughter!

  5. Thats so cool congrats!!!

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