Writing ‘The End’

An exciting time for me – here’s what I put on Facebook last night at 11.57:

It’s 11.57 pm and I have just written The End on my manuscript! Finally. 🙂 I began this book, the fourth in The Barn Chronicles series, on the 27th January 2012. Whew. It’s taken a long time (and it’s not finished yet! I still have 60 more illustrations to do) but this is a momentous moment (is that good ‘England’??)  for me. I’ve been on a ten day tour – am in Christchurch at the moment – and I’ve had hours of free time when I could just sit and write. A real Godsend. So, I just wanted to share the good news with someone – anyone. 🙂

I’d better add here that I have LOVED writing these books – what I wrote above makes it sounds like I couldn’t wait to finish. It’s not like that at all. 🙂 But it will be wonderful when I can tell my little fans that it’s ready for them. Here’s a photo of two young fans that I met today. Precious.

I’ve had a lovely day today doing some illustrations in between speaking at the conference. In fact, when I sat at a desk this afternoon and spread out my pencils, I had a wonderful feeling come over me…the same feeling I had in the opening scenes of Miss Potter, when she opens her little paint tin, and then puts her paint brushes in a jar. I can’t really describe what I felt when I went to the movies and saw that…I sat forward on my seat, filled with a feeling of excitement, anticipation. I think it reminded me of my childhood when I used to do drawing with my mum.
And now here I am illustrating my own books (trying to!).  I have enlisted the help of my children (some more willing than others), and Kate has been doing some beautiful ones. I’ll attach one for a sneak preview. 🙂
Withing seconds of spreading my pencils on the desk today, I had a little audience. Children came and sat with me and got out their crayons and colouring in pencils – it was so special.
Only 58 more to go!!! 🙂
Rosie – 16 March 2013
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9 responses to “Writing ‘The End’”:

  1. Well done Rosie. Exciting news, I’ll look forward to sharing it with our children.


  2. Congratulations Rosie, that is such exciting news. I am a little excited at the prospect of reading the new book in due course but also a little sad knowing that it’s the end of the series. Maybe one day you can write a new series on your grandbabies adventures … how cool would that be!

  3. Congrats Rosie! 6 (no, make that 8 including mum and dad!) enthusiatic Crosse fans eagerly await the announcement that the book is available for sale 😉

  4. Hi Rosie. You aren’t trying to. Your illustrartions are absolutley AMAZING

  5. Dear Rosie
    thank you for those amazing boom books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nearly read all the famliy books. me and Emma enjoyed the kids program so much!
    Love Sophie and Emma

  6. Dear Rosie Congratulations! What a blessing awaits all the readers! This is wonderful and I will be the first to order it again as my grandchildren are now addicted to your books after reading the other three! They are still circulating between the 9 grandchildren! Your biggest talent is not just all the talents that the Lord has instilled in and rained over you but your faithful and effective time management!

    I also know the feeling of that last full stop of a book – after doing 10 recipe books. With one of them, an assignment from our largest dairy company in South Africa, (like Fonterra – Clover SA), my computer was stolen at 7 o’clock in the morning after I told my dear husband at 6 that as soon as the guests in my then guest house have had breakfast I am sending it away to the publisher! It took me 4 months to recover from the shock and re-do it as I did not make a back-up of the changes added during the last two weeks while doing the photos! But God was good to me and one of the photography assistants kept all her pages with corrections (which she apparently never did but forgot to throw away) which I could add to my last saved copy!

    Bless you Rosie!

    Kind regards


  7. Hi Rosie
    I have got all of the books and we are going to get the next book too.
    I wish I could draw like you, it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my favorite writer.
    🙂 Jada
    P.s I like writing too! 😉

  8. Cant wait! 🙂

  9. Hi Rosie, I am reading your books for the third time! I love them, I can’t wait for the fourth.

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