One Face

 I’ve just read a beautiful paragraph in an old book by George MacDonald (the writer who inspired C. S Lewis).”I will tell those who will read, one of the good things that come of being married. It is, that there is one face upon which the changes come without your seeing them; or rather, there is one face which you can still see the same through all the shadows which years have gathered and heaped upon it.
No, stay; I have got a better way of putting it still: there is one face whose final beauty you can see the more clearly as the bloom of youth departs, and the loveliness of wisdom and the beauty of holiness take its place; for in it you behold all that you loved before, veiled it is true, but glowing with gathered brilliance under the veil from which it will one day shine out like the moon from under a cloud, when a stream of the upper air floats it from her face.”Beautiful, huh? I know my dad felt that way about Mum.

CCF19062013_0023 - Copy
Mum in her youth
CCF10072013_0017 - Copy
Dad and Mum with ‘the years gathered and heaped upon them’
Old couple
Two old people – no idea who they are, but I’ve had it framed for many years – just love the picture of old love.
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4 responses to “One Face”:

  1. Could you please tell me your grandfather’s advice on how you met your future husband again. I believe you wrote down three snippets of advice.

  2. Hi there. Yes, my dear Grandpa’s wonderful advice was this:
    1. Nothing out of God’s timing works.
    2. Always wait till you hear His voice.
    3. Never try to force and issue. God’s way is perfect. You can trust Him always to do the loveliest thing possible.

    Blessings, Rosie

  3. Hello Rosie, my english is not the best – hope you can understand me. Me and my wife love the picture on your website very , very much (‘Two old people – …). I want to make her a present by printing it on canvas, but the resolution is so small, it won’t look good like this. Please, if you could find the time to sent me a photo or scan in a better resolution, I would be very pleased, happy, full of Thanks or how to say it in your language. Thank you,

  4. Hi Marc. Thanks for your email. I only have a small copy of the photo but I will try and re-scan it in the highest resolution I can and send it to you. Cheers, Rosie

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