Volume One

The Gift of Values ~ Volume One

by Rosie Boom

“This book is just fantastic – it is everything I longed for as a young parent. Rosie Boom has produced an outstanding resource for parents. As a young mother, I spent many hours scouring bookshops and parenting magazines for help in creating family times with our children. I searched for material which taught Christian truths, was inspirational and which captured  the hearts of our youngsters. This book is what I was looking for. Put together with so much love and care, it will be treasured by parents everywhere. Rosie’s passion for educating children, her mother’s heart and her concern for her children’s character all shine through.” – Mary Grant, Co-founder of Parents.Inc. and editor of Parenting Magazine

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The Gift of Values ~ Volume One was released on June 23 2006, and has more recently been published by HSM, Australia in a hard back edition, brown leather-look with gold hot foil printing. 149 pages.

It is the first in a series of four books, with each book covering six different values.

Volume One covers the following values:

Right attitudes

With each value there are the following sections:

Once Upon a Time – stories that demonstrate some aspect of the value being studied.

Think About It – questions you can ask your children to get the ball rolling.

Boom Clips – personal glimpses into the Boom family!

Something To Do – practical activities which will reinforce the particular value.

So Said – inspirational quotes that you can use to stimulate discussions with your older children.

Words To Live By – verses from the Bible.

Dig Deeper – suggestions for further reading, and DVDs and movies to watch.

“What an awesome book. It is practical, honest, and contains such powerful keys to raising children in the ways of the Master. Rosie’s heart is poured out through this book, and the love and devotion she has for Jesus is contagious. We highly recommend this excellent book for every one to read.” Ian and Jane McCormack,  Evangelist and pastor, England

“The Gift of Values has sparked my joy for teaching character-building devotions to my children, and has injected wonder and enthusiasm into the experience. Here is a tool that will help make these precious times even more memorable, fun-filled, and a real learning adventure. I appreciate the honest, real-life touches throughout the book.  I’m certain that with the aid of this book, God will draw many little hearts even closer to Him.”   ~ Chris Bovill, mother of six and co-ordinator of HEART  (Home Educators Annual Retreat)
“The Gift of Values ~ Volume One is a valuable resource for parents in their important but often difficult task of bringing up a family and instilling good values into young lives. It is full of practical suggestions and creative ideas, drawing on the wisdom of the past, the author’s experience of the present and the teaching of Scripture.” Dr John Sturt, Counselor, Auckland


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