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A Fence Around the Cuckoo


I have recently finished reading the wonderful autobiography of Ruth Park, who grew up in New Zealand during the Depression. It’s charming, witty and poignant. The title is related to a quote in the front page of the book:

“The three wise men of Gotham loved the spring so dearly and could not bear to bid her farewell, so they built a fence around the cuckoo.”

When  I… read more

A Broken Thing


I started reading a book that Kate had on the table yesterday – Ann Voskamp’s new book, ‘The Broken Way.’ I love the parts that tell about ‘The Farmer’ – her solid, dependable Dutch husband. (Like mine!) And I loved this part where he comes in and sees her afraid and vulnerable, gathers her in his arms and whispers softly to her:
“You know – everything all across this farm

Letters Tied up with String


This wet day has been perfect for me to get things ready for going to Matamata for our HEART weekend! But then I was asked if I had three vintage suitcases which I could bring down…and oh, the distraction! One of them is full of precious old letters and cards, and I became caught up in the wonderful diversion of reading and remembering. Brought a real read more | 1 Comment

Hospital Snippets


I wrote this as I had a few hours to fill in at Auckland Hospital while Chris had a heart procedure done to try and fix his Atrial Fibrillation. What amazing places hospitals are! I could sit all day and just watch people coming and going, each of them caught up in their own life drama… read more | 1 Comment

Some Thoughts on Grief

Leone Adelle and Rose

Just before Christmas Chris and I bought a beautiful Acorn sailing dinghy, with the intention of exploring the beautiful coastline together over the summer. I was so excited about it, and yet, as we drove home, the tears came. I was crying for the fact that Dad wasn’t waiting for me in Whangarei, eager to see the boat, excited to take it for a read more | 1 Comment

The Gold of Dawn


A snippet from Pastor Don’s message on Sunday:
Time is our most valuable commodity. (Amen to that!!)
Billy Graham was once asked what he was most surprised by in life. He answered, “Its brevity.”

An older man gave this perspective in the Reader’s Digest on how he viewed time differently as he aged:

“Days were plentiful and cheap when I was young. Like penny candy read more


Last night my niece has organised a clothes swap. It made me think of a wonderful verse I read a few days ago from Psalm 30:11. I was praying for someone who has been grieving and this was a powerful revelation of what the Lord wants to do in her life.

“You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.” Psalm 30:11

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Why Write Its Epitaph?

kiwi fruit

Let me share a thought with you…but first the background story…
I hurt my neck the other day at the end of our kiwi fruit picking stint…tripped over a root and stumbled forward trying not to fall with my heavy load of fruit. I must have wrenched my neck; the physio said the injury is like a whiplash.

Anyway, I’ve had several days and especially nights… read more | 1 Comment

My New Friend

I made a new friend tonight. She’s 95 years old. I paused to talk to her while I was making Mum a cup of tea and ended up talking for ages. She told me she came out from England when she was five, and that she has no family at all in NZ. No… brothers or sisters. No cousins. She never married and had no children. She

Jesus Loves Me

Today I took Mum out into the lounge and did a little concert for the ladies. I can’t play guitar at the moment because of my sore arm, but the piano didn’t hurt as much. (It didn’t sound so very crash hot but I think I got away with it. )…
Sitting right beside the piano was Laura who’s turning 100 in April. When I…