Josiah is Home!

The kids and I woke up at 3am on Wednesday and drove down to Auckland airport to meet Josiah, home after four months in the States. It was so exciting to see him – he looked so well. In fact the rest of us looked decidedly sickly beside him.

He’s had a wonderful time at the Sonshine camp in Washington D.C. and loved working with the kids. Then he met up with a friend and went to New York, Miami, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Arizona – saw the Grand Canyon etc.

Kate drove up from Hamilton and we spent the morning together in Auckland – had a lovely picnic lunch in the graveyeard of a lovely old church! There was a cool nip in the air but the spring sun was just delicious and we all lay on the grass and just soaked it up. Wonderful.

Jake found my back was a comfortable place to sleep. 🙂

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6 responses to “Josiah is Home!”:

  1. Good to know he came back safely!!!

  2. Cool

  3. Sun, sun, sun!

  4. Wow you scored having sun for the day in Auckland this time of year xD

  5. Great to hear he ot home safety.Sun sun and more sun!!!

  6. How old are all the kids now?

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