Spring Garden

Today Samuel and I pulled all of our carrots – a great harvest of them. Plus, I actually got some brussel sprouts for dinner! (N.Z’s most hated vegetable) But best of all was sampling the very first sun-warmed strawberry from my new strawberry patch. Delicious!

Milly’s rascally Indian Runner ducks have discovered my lettuces though – I’m going to have build a fence and a gate to keep them out. Grrr.

On the flower side – today I discovered my first two blooms on my clematis. And the thornless Zephirine Drouhin has begun flowering, while my sweet peas are just taking over!! I have a vase of them in the bathroom and the fragrance is heavenly. What a lovely time of year spring is. 🙂

Zephirine Drouhin

Can you smell it???


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4 responses to “Spring Garden”:

  1. I luuurve sweet pea, mine have yet to bloom, you must get earlier bloom being further north and I’m really hoping that I got the perfumed variety!!! Is that a clematis in under the rose? I;m only just learning my flowers. It’s a beautiful colour.

  2. beautiful!

  3. Yum,Yum Brussel Sprouts

  4. Where the lions roar at night is a very good book i want to read more of Rosie Blooms books

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