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A Droopy Soul

I’ve enjoyed reading a book by Linda Dillow called Calm My Anxious Heart. In it she talks of an old translation of Psalm 42v5:

“Why droopest thou, O my soul, and frettest so upon me? Hope thou in God for I shall yet praise Him  for the help of His countenance.” I love it! I confess freely that many times my soul has drooped and become cast down. I’m going to memorize that old translation so I can address my soul appropriately next time it droops!

We all need to learn how to encourage our own souls in the Lord. King David did just that when he returned from a battle to find the enemy had destroyed the city and taken all the men’s wives and children. They all wept until they had no more strength to weep. But then David ‘strengthened himself in the Lord.’ 1 Sam 30 No droopy soul for him. He put his hope in God, found strength and then pursued the enemy and got everyone back, safe and sound.

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