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I just came across this encouraging review of  Where Lions Roar at Night on Amazon  from a family in the Carribean:

“We have just finished reading this book as a family (about 3 minutes ago) and as I type, my kids are begging me to open the sequel and start the sequel. It was a fantastic read. We were lent the book by family friends living in NZ who know the author (so we’ve been reading a signed copy – how special!!) and are all captivated by the story. I (the mum) have loved the author’s beautiful writing style, and her ability to bring all her characters to life.

My 12 year old says “I love the Dad, and where he first comes across the rooster ‘John the Baptist’ – it was so funny!” My 10 year old says, “She’s a really great author because her book was really good and funny”. My 7 year old says “I like the part when Josiah called the possum a hippopotamus when he was little – that was great!” and my other 7 year old says “I love EVERYTHING”. Needless to say, all four of my kids are desparate for us to sell up everything, buy a piece of land and go live in a barn….”

Great to know that families are enjoying my books over there! And great to have folk willing to take the time to write a review. Thanks to those of you who have done that on various sites – I really appreciate it!

Rosie ~ 28 Sept 2011

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