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Australian Singing Competition

Early in July Chris and I flew over to Sydney with Eliza for the IFAC Australian Singing Competition. Eliza was one ten semi-finalists selected from auditions in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.  “The Australian Singing Competition is open to singers under the age of 26, and offers a number of career-building awards (valued at more than $200,000) making it Australasia’s premier competition and the richest of its kind for our finest young opera and classical singers.”


It was a fantastic time. We explored Sydney, caught up with family and listened to some amazing singers. And to top it all off, Eliza was selected as one of five finalists! So In three weeks time my twin sister penny and I are going with Ellie to support her at the finals. Exciting!

She also recently won the Hamilton Aria Competition and came second in the Christchurch Aria Competition. All those singing lessons we paid for are paying off!! 🙂

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