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Block Upon Block

Yesterday the trucks just kept on coming. They carried pallet after pallet of concrete blocks, thirty six in all. Now we have pallets of concrete blocks deposited all around the building site. It was a bit daunting looking at them all and thinking, ‘We’ve got to lay all these!” But when I mentioned that to Chris, he said, “Just one block at a time, Rose. One block at a time, and we’ll get there!” How right he is!! Sometimes I can feel daunted by a number of big jobs I have to do, but the truth is, I never have to do it all at once – they all need to be done one day at a time; one lesson at a time; one meal at a time; one wash at a time; one concert at a time…. So yes, we do have 5,000 blocks to lay over the next few months, but I am determined to enjoy the journey; enjoy working alongside my husband; enjoy seeing our house take shape bit by bit, block by block.

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