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Foundations on the Go

What do house foundations have in common with integrity?? Well…last week we began building our house in earnest! The digger came and dug out the trenches for the footings, then Chris and Josiah and I spent hours laying all the steel. Then came the visit from the inspector. Once he gave us the thumbs up, the concrete truck arrived and we worked feverishly to make sure it was all at the right level. All this in haste before the heavy rain that was reported to be coming that evening. Finally we wiped the sweat from our brows and cheered. We’d done it! All the hard work had paid off – the footings were done. I must confess though to having a rather disturbing thought. I voiced it to Chris. “Do you realise that all this hard work will soon be covered up and no-one will even see it!?” Unseen, but vital. Hidden, but absolutely necessary. Just like integerity. It was a good talking point with the kids. They could understand it, no problem at all. All the hard choices we make; the issues of character that could be so easy to cheat on when nobody is watching. Or the right choices we make, the inner convictions that create a strong foundation for our life’s building.

I like to think of the Holy Spirit as being my building inspector…I hope I will always welcome him on site, and recognise that he is on my side.

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