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Home again!

I’ve just returned home after a two week speaking tour of the South Island. I had the wonderful opportunity of encouraging many women and met such beautiful people. But, oh, I missed the family! Chris rang me each night and I talked with all of the children and heard all about lost arrows, a new calf, soccer scores, scraped knees, driving tests…oh, how I missed it all! It made me realise how wonderful family is. There truly is no place like home. When the small plane touched down at the Whangarei airport I caught a glimpse of a large ‘clump’ of people outside the terminal, waving excitedly. I couldn’t help but cry. The man sitting beside me smiled and I offered a brief explanation – “It’s good to be home!” The barn looked so beautiful. I thought back over all the lovely homes I’d stayed in over the last two weeks, and thought again, “There truly is no place like home.”

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