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Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

We arrived home from our Boom family tour at 1am this morning in the wind and the rain. There was no power because of the storm, so we lit candles and kerosene lanterns and got exhausted children to bed. Then Chris and I peered into the darkness through the rain to see if we could see if our newly sown lawn had grown some grass. Yes! That’s a relief. 

It’s great to be home after a wonderful two weeks on the road. We have had such a special time all together and met so many lovely people.


We kicked off the tour with a concert in our own church here in Whangarei. Kate and Josiah arrived up here from Hamilton just in time to have one quick practise and then it was all go. Chris managed to finish making the puppet theatre just in time. We celebrated the start of the tour with friends and family after the concert at McDonald’s.


Loved our time in Auckland! There must have been about 200 children at the concert and it was so lovely to meet up with so many of my readers! Photo to come!


Picked up our rented trailer – relieved that Chris’s custom built puppet theater actually fitted!

A special treat at this concert was hearing Kate and her Vision friends perform When I’m 64 a cappella.

On the Sunday morning we had a flat battery in the van and had to push start it a few times. A new battery did the trick. 🙂


We stayed Sunday in Tauranga with family – played hours of soccer and touch rugby and even grid iron! I had to keep reminding Milly not to shout too much or she’d have no voice for the Monday concert in Rotorua.

We were billeted out amongst three families, and the girls got the chance to try their hand at playing the cello.

Milly and

We all had fun on the Luge the next day – thankfully no broken bones!


Had a lovely meal before the concert in Hastings with our friends and later stayed with them in their beautiful home overlooking the plains and lights of Hastings. What a spot to have breakfast!

The boys had fun playing in the go-kart!


From Hastings it was on to El Rancho, Waikanae. The kids had fun on the tennis courts and tramp…

Fun staying in one of their beautiful motels, even if we did have to get up at 5.30am to catch the ferry across to the South Island.

The ferry was delayed two hours so we breakfasted in Wellington and then explored the Beehive grounds.

Are they laying eggs or what?!

Finally boarded Bluebridge and had a good crossing. Only Milly felt somewhat queasy. Nothing a little nap won’t cure!


Did a concert for the homeschoolers  in Blenheim and then headed back to Picton. We stayed in our friends’ beautiful games room/theatre and enjoyed countless games of pool!

Did a floating concert on a launch in the Queen Charlotte Sounds – fun! Sang at Blenheim Nativity church in their special Good Friday service and then at a Picton church on Easter Sunday. Our friend Pete took us for a blast in his power boat over to Loch Mara Lodge in the Sounds. That blew the cobwebs away – fantastic! Spotted some llamas too!


More fun in Nelson with our friends the Dawsons. Played hard out at the great rope playground…Jake got ground shock from jumping from a big height so that night David limped when he faced Goliath!

Had a lot of fun playing music with Matthew on cello, Karen on violin and Kate on piano.

Stayed two nights in a beautiful beach home overlooking the golden sand of Little Kaiteriteri – beautiful! (Check out the dodgy inhabitant below!)

Sam on the beach just before Dad tried to throw him in.

The kids and Chris had fun exploring around the rocks while I did parenting/homeschooling workshops during the day before our night concert.

Palmerston North 

We had another delayed crossing on the ferry, but thankfully it wasn’t too rough. Was a bit of a rush to get to our Palmerston North concert that night though! We stayed with the Hancox family in Foxton that night and had a lot of fun the next day dressing up as knights…

… Sam and Chris soon discovered real chain armour is very heavy!

…easier to fight without it like David did!


It was like a flash back of ten years staying with the Crosse family – six gorgeous little blondies. It made me remember the joys of a big, bustling young family. Milly had fun helping Nathaniel milk Pearl, his Saanen goat. I want one! 🙂

New Plymouth

We had fun travelling the senic route to N.P, stopping to explore some rocks. Joe got drenched by an extra big wave. 🙂

The kids had fun playing soccer games with the Innes children.

The following day after the concert we headed for home! Got to Te Awamutu before we heard a loud strange noise in the car and the power steering began to disappear. managed to find a nearby mechanic who had a quick look at it and tightened a loose fan belt which Chris hadn’t been able to get at. Played a fun game of soccer splat while we were waiting. 🙂 You stand against a wall and try to evade the ball, but can’t move your feet.

That night we stayed in Hamilton long enough to all attend a special awards ceremony for the high achievers in Trinity Guild and see Kate get her certificate and a lovely rose.

Then it was on to Auckland to drop Joe off and then on to Whangarei. The weather got worse and worse as we drove north, so it was a slow trip. Finally got there at 12.30am. The power was off so we lit some candles and lanterns and got all the exhausted kids to bed. Chris and I peered outside through the dark and the rain to see the new grass coming up over our lawn!! Then to bed, thankful to God for a wonderful trip, and grateful to be home safely.

Thank you to all those who helped us along the way, and to all you wonderful people who came out in the evenings to attend our concerts!! May God bless you  … Chris, Rosie, Josiah, Kate, Eliza, Milly, Samuel and Jacob

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