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Jake goes to Hospital

On Saturday I went to listen to Eliza compete in the Northland Performing Arts competitions. When we got home at 2pm I found Jacob lying on the sofa, crying whenever his left leg moved. He had come in to our bed at 3am that morning complaining of a sore leg, but it was obviously getting worse. From my foggy, long distant nursing past, I remembered something about some boys of his age having a slipped epiphysis in their hip….he was in a lot of pain, so I took him to A and E. He was X rayed, and the doctor thought he did in fact have a slight slip of his epiphysis. Poor Jacob had to have an IV line put in and bloods taken while waiting for six more hours to see the orthopaedic surgeon who was busy in theatre. It was a long wait. He kept saying, “I just wish I could go home. I wish they could make me better straight away.” And I was struggling with thoughts of my darling little boy having to have an operation to fix a screw in his hip. But despite the temptation to think the worst, I deliberately chose not to go there – instead we just prayed and asked God to work a miracle of healing. Finally the surgeon arrived and after examining Jacob told us that he was pretty sure it wasn’t a slipped epiphysis. Oh joy! But he said we had to stay in hopsital and keep a watch in case he developed an infection. Jake was a bit nervousa about his first night, but I assured him that I would be right beside his bed.  How wonderful that the hospitals have changed their policies and let parents stay! As we went to bed that night, I prayed for him and then said, “This is a real adventure!” He smiled and went straight to sleep!

Over the next few days we had such a special time together, reading, playing games (he beat me at chess), talking to the other boys and mums…

Then yesterday he was discharged and we came home to the big, noisy, happy family. What a blessing. But it made me so aware of all the families that are going through worrying, difficult times with sick children. And it made me so thankful for health. We really must never take it for granted. Every day we should be thanking God for our wonderful, incredible bodies.

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