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Milly the Milkmaid

Milly has always wanted her own cow. Six weeks ago, we finally got a cull cow from a herd to train as a house cow. Milly was ecstatic. She’s been longing for her own milking cow for a long time now, and we’ve had one unsuccessful attempt at breaking in a house cow. She just didn’t give enough milk to make it all worth while. But Blossom is a different story! She gives us eight to ten litres of wonderful milk each day. This week, we loaded her into a horse truck and brought her down to the barn, after being with a bull for six weeks. She has had her moments with kicking, and we’ve had to rope her back leg, but now she stands calmly chewing her cud while Milly sings softly to her as she milks. I heard her today singing,

“Bl Bl BL Blossom, adorable Blossom, You’re the only c c c cow that I adore And when the m m m moon shines Over the c c c cow shed I’ll be waiting at the k k k kitchen door.”

Very cute. The three girls have loved making butter, icecream, yoghurt and soft cheese. What a blessing!

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