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Seize The Day

I was speaking at a camp sometime ago and collapsed into bed late the first night. I turned off my light, and lay back on the pillow, ready for sleep. Suddenly, I got a real shock. There on the ceiling above me, a mesage began to appear and glow in the dark. I fumbled around for my glasses and put them on. Seize the Day! was written in large capital letters across the ceiling. It was an amazing moment. So challenging and thought provoking. It may as well have been a message straight from heaven for me.

I came home and told the children about the mysterious message that had appeared above me at night. I decided then that you could have a lot of fun with some glow in the dark paint! A couple of months ago, I happened to see some for sale, so I bought it for my daughter’s birthday. One night the next week, as Chris and I went to bed and turned off the light, another message suddenly glowed above my side of the bed.

I Love U MUM!

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