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Welcome to 2016

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my website I’m afraid…life has been full and busy, with all the family home for the summer, lots of big celebrations and events out at our place, and quite a bit of travel.

But a new year has begun, and I’m looking forward to it! I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

This year potentially holds quite a bit of travel for me, and I also hope to make a decent start on my new book. I wrote the first chapter a good few months ago, but it’s been laid aside in all the general happenings of a big family. But now a fresh year, along with some serious New Year resolutions. 🙂 This book is about my own childhood in Papua New Guinea. I’m hoping to go to P.N.G at some point and re-trace my childhood steps. Exciting.

family xmas 2015 (Medium)

The Boom family Christmas

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