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Letters Tied up with String

This wet day has been perfect for me to get things ready for going to Matamata for our HEART weekend! But then I was asked if I had three vintage suitcases which I could bring down…and oh, the distraction! One of them is full of precious old letters and cards, and I became caught up in the wonderful diversion of reading and remembering. Brought a real smile to my face and just a few happy tears. (I think this is one of the terribly sad downsides of all our electronic communication these days! No old suitcases brimming with letters tied in string or ribbon.)

Here’s a quote I read in one of the letters: When Mother Teresa was asked to share something that would help change people’s lives she said, “Smile at those with whom you live, those to whom you are closest. It’s much easier to smile at those on the outside than to smile at those on the inside. But that is where we begin – in our homes. Let us make our homes like His in Nazareth, that Jesus may come in and rest awhile.”

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