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The Barn Chronicles Boxed Set

The boxed set of four titles in  the multi-award-winning series The Barn Chronicles:

Book One - Where Lions Roar at Night

Book Two - Where Arrows Fly

Book Three - Where the Crickets Sing 

Book Four  - Where the River Rises


Enjoy the heart-warming story as Rosie  relates the dramas and adventures, mistakes, fun, laughter and tears of the Boom family as they live in a 90-year-old barn in rural New Zealand. The books are written through the eyes of Milly, who was ten when the family moved into the barn. She is a feisty, plucky girl who loves adventures and animals. She gathers an ever-growing menagerie around her – chickens, Indian Runner ducks, a horse, a house cow … life is never dull with Milly around!


The Barn Chronicles Boxed Set

  • The Barn Chronicles comes in a quality boxed set of four books, each printed with a hard cover and cloth spine. Approx 90 pencil illustrations in each book.

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