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The Gift of Values - Volume One

The Gift of Values is a practical resource for parents to help them develop rich, meaningful family devotions, and to instill all-important values into the lives and hearts of their children. 


Volume One covers the following values:

Right attitudes


With each value there are the following sections:

Once Upon a Time – stories that demonstrate some aspect of the value being studied.

Think About It – questions you can ask your children to get the ball rolling.

Boom Clips – personal glimpses into the Boom family!

Something To Do – practical activities which will reinforce the particular value.

So Said – inspirational quotes that you can use to stimulate discussions with your older children.

Words To Live By – verses from the Bible.

Dig Deeper – suggestions for further reading, and DVDs and movies to watch.

The Gift of Values - Volume One

  • The Gift of Values - Volume One is published by Boomtree Publishing in a hard back edition, brown leather-look with gold hot foil printing. 149 pages.

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