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The Road  CD - Emmaus

This recording includes my twin sister Penelope singing with Chris and I. Together we perform under the name Emmaus.




Track 1. Time.
This is an upbeat track which talks about the need for us to redeem each day, and live our lives for Him. Inspired by Psalm 90.


Track 2. Miracle on Fourth Street.
I wrote this song after singing at a missions meeting where the speaker challenged us all on the power of prayer. As we drove home I realised that all the missions songs I had written dealt with going, and none of them were aimed at those who may never go to the mission field. So here it is! Even if we never leave our homeland, God wants every believer to have His heart for the nations…some will go, some will give and we should all pray! And when we do, our very ordinary lives are changed ….
‘When I shut the door and get down on my knees, and suddenly a window opens wide; oh then a miracle happens down on Fourth Street as the nations of the world fill my eyes…’


Track 3. Go.
We have received freely from the Lord, now we must freely give. We must go and share the Gospel with the poor.


Track 4. Do You remember Me?
A beautiful, gentle song written by Penelope, as from the heart of a fragile, yearning soul that longs to know again God’s unchanging love.


Track 5. Unsung Heroes.
I wrote this song after returning from India and Bangladesh, where I was humbled and challenged by the wonderful people we met who are serving the Lord in very difficult circumstances and obscurity. The world will never know their names but God sees and knows. This song is in honour of them.


Track 6. May Your Love Remain.
A blessing song for marriages and families.


Track 7. Beggars on the Road to Glory.
A challenge to us all about money.
‘A well lined purse and money in the bank don’t make for a happy life; there’s many a rich man lookin’ at a future of trouble and strife, and there are beggars on the road to glory..”


Track 8. Throw Away World.
I wrote this song after talking to a man who told me how his daughter’s husband had just walked out on their marriage and their three beautiful children. As he told me this, he said with tears in his eyes,”It’s just a throw away world.”


Track 9. Commitment.
Felt the need to write this song after four couples we knew separated over a period of several months. It talks of commitment and forgiveness, and shares the hope that hurts and difficulties experienced in marriages can be healed.
“Where water once flowed, it can flow again.” – An Arabian Proverb.


Track 10. Jehovah Elroi.
I wrote this song after a concert where I talked with a lady who had terminal cancer. The title means ‘The God who sees.’ Our blackest night is as bright as the day to Him and He will not leave us to walk alone. (Psalm 139)


Track 11. Mostar.
Cried when I read about all the children who had died in Mostar, and saw the refugees at Goma….
“Raise a bridge across their sorrow, show them there’s a way to live again; tell them of the peace found in forgiving, that love can make their hearts beat again; lay down the cross across their sorrow my friend.”


Track 12. Lion of Judah.
A song of worship to the Lamb who was slain.

The Road CD - Emmaus

  • “Thank you for the warmth, love and blessing your music brought into my life. It led me to make a joyful and enthusiastic re-dedication of my life for all those who suffer and to the Lord.”

    “‘The Road’ is superb! Solidly up-building and encouraging. We love it!”

    “I have new hope for my marriage and my family through your powerful and beautiful songs. Thank you.”

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