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Where the Jungle Calls - eBook Digital Download

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Rose lives in the big city. But one day her life changes forever…


Rose, her twin sister Penny and their brother Peter find themselves swept away into a great adventure, sailing the blue Pacific to a mission school deep in the jungles of Papua.


There they become adventurers and explorers in their own wild kingdom. They swim and fish in the rivers and make huts and gardens where they grow pineapples, peanuts and bananas. They chase huge emerald and blue butterflies. They run barefoot and free, and imagine themselves as Tarzan and Jane, swinging on vines through the jungle.


But there are hidden dangers lurking: snakes, scorpions, jerry-wars, malaria – and in the rivers, fearsome crocodiles…


Where the Jungle Calls is a wholesome adventure story for 8-12 year old children (and for the whole family to enjoy). Based on the author’s own childhood, it recounts the fun and adventures of three young children and their parents who take up home in the jungles of New Guinea.


Where the Jungle Calls is the story of origin for the multi-award winning series The Barn Chronicles. Here in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea, the readers of The Barn Chronicles will meet their favourite characters again in a different time, a different place. This is where their adventures first began.

Where the Jungle Calls - eBook Digital Download

  • My childhood in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea was a dream come true for three city kids from New Zealand. We spent three years exploring the jungles, swimming in the rivers, playing with our unusual pets. Adventure and fun filled our days.

    I have been longing to write this book for years, and have had the joy of re-living our magical childhood all over again. In this day and age of  increasing obsession with safety and  the phobias of over-cautious parents, I realise just how blessed we were to have had the freedom to explore nature and build huts and yes, take some risks. As children read Where the Jungle Calls, I hope they'll enjoy escaping in their imaginations to a wilder, freer time, and that perhaps they will choose to put their devices aside and head outside to have some adventures. 


  • “Another family classic by Rosie Boom – wonderful! For lovers of The Barn Chronicles, this story has the enchantment of another land, another time period, and a whole new set of characters – yet still based on actual events that happened to a New Zealand family – a magical mix that kept our family reading night after night, wondering how the next turn of events would unfold. A great family read-aloud to enjoy together, but one I know my children will re-read on their own lots more times – and then go off inspired with some idea for an exciting adventure of their own.” SHERYL, MOTHER

    “The story grabbed me and drew me in. I didn’t want to stop reading! I love all the adventures. I would have hated the mosquitoes, though – I can’t help scratching bites too.” DANIELLE, 12

    “So exciting!! Every chapter is so exciting that we just want to keep reading more! It sounds like such a different place and it is so interesting to learn all about it. When we close our eyes, we can imagine being there having the adventures ourselves.” ZELDA, 8 and VERA, 7

    “I laughed so much! But there are some parts I wouldn’t have liked to see – like the crocodile.” SARA, 6

    “There are adventures in every chapter! My favourite character was Peter, because he was quite adventurous. He does things that I would like to do! Papua New Guinea sounds very amazing to me.” JULIA, 7

    “My pirate/warrior/hunter daughter thinks nothing could be better than the wilds of PNG to satisfy her thirst for adventure.” MOTHER

    “Where the Jungle Calls is a very exciting and funny book. I love all your adventures, hearing of your accidents and the tricks you played.” KATE, 12

    “I always look forward to having a chapter of this adventurous, exciting book after dinner. It has cool details that give you a picture in your mind of what’s happening.” GRACE, 9

    “This book is amazing! It paints a beautiful picture of what it’s like to live in the jungle of Papua New Guinea, and it describes everything with so much detail, and makes you want to keep reading and never stop!” JARED, 16

    “Thanks for writing another beautiful book! The kids are so quiet and enthralled while I’m reading to them and then beg for more each time I finish a chapter (I’m happy to oblige them as am enjoying it a lot myself!). We are learning lots together as a family, you really bring the jungle and all its creatures alive!” JANIE, MOTHER

    “Where the Jungle Calls is VERY interesting- I just can’t stop wanting to read it! I wish I had a swing like their one… and a puppy too!” KOHEN, 10

    “This book is full of good laughs and it is not hard to get Mum
    to read us an extra chapter… or two.” EMILY, 14


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