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As the Boom family begins a fourth year of living in their ninety-three-year-old barn, a terrible drought has Northland in its grip. The land turns brown, the Great River of Narnia falls, and the animals begin to suffer. As the relentless drought continues, thirteen-year-old Milly begins to think the rains will never come. But meanwhile there is a homestead to be finished and adventures to be had. There are calves to rear, gardens to plant and endless firewood to be collected. When the drought finally breaks and the river rises again, The Ruins have been transformed into a home crafted with love, blood, sweat and tears. Milly can hardly wait to move in. The time has come to leave the barn and begin a whole new adventure…


Where the River Rises is a warm-hearted, engaging book for the whole family to enjoy. The fourth and final book in the multi-award-winning series, The Barn Chronicles, it invites readers to join the Boom family in another year of homesteading in rural New Zealand.

Where the River Rises- eBook Digital Download

  • It’s exciting to know that families all over the world are enjoying reading together about the fun and adventures we’ve enjoyed as a family on our piece of land, living in our barn.

    When we first moved to Whangarei, New Zealand and bought 11 acres of farm land, complete with an old barn, I never dreamed that the next two years would hold so much fun and so many memorable moments. I love cooking on our woodburning Homewood stove, tending the vegetable garden, and enjoying the constant challenges that go hand in hand with a small block.

    And I have loved re-living all the special moments as I’ve written this book!

    When I was a child, my parents and siblings lived in Papua New Guinea for three years. That was the most thrilling time in my childhood. I’m sure it set me up for thriving on a challenge and enjoying having to ‘rough it’. When I first laid eyes on the ancient barn, all I could think was, ‘We could live here!’

    In the first six months, we survived two ‘one hundred year’ storms. The barn creaked and shook and groaned, but outlasted the onslaught. Those were exciting, nerve wracking days and nights of gale force winds, rain so loud on the tin roof that we couldn’t hear ourselves shout, rescuing animals and anxiously watching to see if the barn roof would lift off.

    Milly, the main character in the story, is my strong willed, feisty 12 year old. She is full of life and action, and is passionately fond of any sort of animal. Over the two years we have been here, she has gathered quite a menagerie of pets – chickens, Indian Runner ducks, a pony and a milking cow to name a few. But more of that in the book!

    You may be wondering about the title of my book, given that there are no wild lions in New Zealand! The first night we spent in the barn was an exciting one. We all lay on mattresses on the loft floor, complete with mosquito nets. It was to be a very wakeful night for some of us – strange noises, worries about rats, loud water pumps, and then… the eerie sound of lions roaring. I couldn’t believe it at first. But Chris assured me that it was indeed lions. Just north of the barn and over a few hills is Zion Wildlife Gardens home to a large number of lions and tigers. And when the wind blows the right way, we hear their roaring. A spine tingling sound in the middle of the night! The sound somehow encapsulated the exciting start to our new adventure and seemed to be a fitting title when I came to write the book.

    My hope is that Where Lions Roar at Night will cause people to reflect on the joy and wonder of family. I hope that the adults who read this book will re-capture some of the wonder of childhood. And of course I hope that all the children who enjoy the adventures in the book will be inspired to make the most of their own childhood and enjoy many similar adventures with their own family.


  • “Destined to be a classic.” Peter Harris, author

    "The Barn Chronicles are amazing! 10/10! I love how the series is funny, adventurous and exciting. I sometimes wish I lived in the barn but I live on a farm so it’s pretty much just as good. I love animals and enjoy reading about the horses, ducks, chickens, Prince Caspian and Angel. I will also always remember John the Baptist, the retarded but lovely rooster — R.I.P. I definitely recommend this series for all ages. Awesome!" Annelies, 10

    “A modern-day Little House on the Prairie – and every bit as charming as that classic. My daughter sat spellbound as we read The Barn Chronicles. Though they were family read–alouds she kept sneaking off with them to read ahead. In an era where wholesome, fun, children’s novels are increasingly hard to come by, this series is a gem.” Lisa Taylor, mother, author of Motive Games

    "The Barn Chronicles series is fabulous! I can never stop reading them. Once I did a ‘Rosie Boom book marathon’ and read the first three books in four days! Every time Mum orders the next book, I flip straight to the back to see if it says, ‘to be continued’. I’m thrilled when it does. They are such excellent books!" Erica Dekker, 11

    "The Barn Chronicles series has charm and simplicity and reminds me very much of the beloved Laura Ingalls Wilder series. The illustrations are precious." Beverly McCord, USA

    "I love your books, The Barn Chronicles. They are amazing, with all the adventures and drama! When I read them, I feel drawn into the story as though I am living it. I can’t wait to read the next one." Elisabeth

    "Thanks so much also for sharing your barn adventures. Our entire family (mum, dad, 5 and 6 year old) is hooked!"Jeanne-Marie, mother

    "I wish they would never end." Jane

    "There is something about reading of life in the Boom’s barn that creates the warmest of family bonds. I can’t really describe it, but it’s there." Veronica, mother

    “A lovely family read that will keep young adventurers, boy and girl, riveted to the page.” Jenny Waldron, mother

    “The Barn Chronicles are the best books I have ever read! They are full of fun, adventures, celebrations, broken legs, and heaps more! I would love to live in a barn like that and live on that property with a river, animals, swings, eels and everything else!” Maria, 10

    “Full of family high-jinks and laughter.” Sandra, mother

    “A modern-day ‘Little House on the Prairie’ – and every bit as charming as that classic. My daughter was just spellbound as we read The Barn Chronicles. Though they were family read-alouds she kept sneaking off with them to read ahead. In an era where wholesome, fun children’s novels are increasingly hard to come by, this series is a gem.” Lisa Taylor, author

    Where the Crickets Sing is a fabulous book! It’s packed full of adventures, fun times, and even more so chocked full of animals!!! It’s the best book ever! (and the two other books before it!) Keep writing more books because I can’t wait to read the next one!” Melanie Pinkney, 10

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