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A Sad Day

Milly’s milking cow Blossom has been losing weight for some time now and has also had a bad hip which has stopped her from being able to get pregnant. So finally today Chris made the call that she needed to be put down. 🙁

I feel so upset about it – she’s nourished our family for  a long time now and has supplied us with bountiful milk, butter and cheese. I know it has to be done but still feel very emotional. I went out to say goodbye and thank her for all the milk just now, and watched her hobble across the paddock. She looks old and thin. I know it’s the kindest thing to do, but still…

The man from the Lion Park will be here soon. Chris is away at a meeting, so Samuel is in charge of showing the man where she is and helping him with the front end loader.  I don’t think Milly will watch. She is quite matter-of-fact about it, but I know she’ll be feeling it. I saw her go out and give Blossom a brush and a scratch around the ears just before.

I can’t bear to be around, so am just going to head down the the river now. I guess it’s life on the farm but maybe I was never meant to be a farmer.

2 August 2011 ~ Rosie

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