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A Shockingly Exciting Thing

Setting the scene: Back in February 2014, just three months before Mum died, I had a very special afternoon with her. Here’s the post I wrote about it:

“Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my mum and two of my adult nephews. We had some scintillating discussions about life, faith, romance… And then Mum said, “I know! Why don’t the four of us each choose one shockingly exciting thing to do that will make us feel really alive, and do it.” I laughed and said to the guys, “There you go. A challenge from your 91 year old Grandma.” Mum immediately said, “Don’t say I’m 91!” When I asked her how old she felt, she said “30”  (Just like her daughter!!) So…the four of us have got two days to decide on what we’re going to do. Something shockingly exciting, something that will make us feel alive. Our minds are buzzing, and Chris is nervously clutching his wallet.”

TODAY! I’m embarrassed to say that it’s taken me just over five years to fulfill my part of that discussion. (Sorry, Mum!) But today, Penny and I booked out tickets to Popondetta, New Guinea! We are returning to retrace our childhood steps – it’s over fifty years since we left New Guinea. That was the one idea that kept nibbling away at me after Mum’s challenge…so here we come Popondetta! We both feel so excited!

Where the Jungle Calls cover photo (2)

I’ve just finished writing my book about our childhood in the jungle (first draft!), so this is perfect timing in that regard. I can’t wait to see the jungle and rivers out of the plane’s window, to feel the heat and smell the flowers. To swim in the rivers and find our old haunts. A truly shockingly exciting thing!

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