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A Smelly Lesson

Yesterday we down by the river to collect more firewood. After gathering a trailor load, I jumped into the ute to drive it up to the barn. Our Jack Russell, Angel, was sitting in the front. I was immediately hit with the terrible stench of fresh cow manure. I glowered at Angel. “You disgusting dog! Get out of the car.” She jumped out, but the smell remained.

When I got out to unload the wood, the smell was still so strong. I glanced down to see if Angel had followed me, and caught a glimpse of something green, wet and slimy on my top, just below my neck. Gross! I must have covered myself with cow poo when I picked up a log of wood. No wonder it smelt so potent. It couldn’t get much closer to my nose than that. 

A good lesson for me – don’t be too quick to blame others. Make doubly sure I’m not the one responsible for any smell!!

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