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On Saturday we set off in convoy to take Kate to Hamilton. Josiah was driving Kate’s new car, with Jake and Sam and Kate. I followed with all the others. An hour into the trip there was a downpour of rain, and a car slid out on a corner and crashed into an on-coming car. There was a line up of five cars, and Josiah came over the brow of a hill and didn’t have to stop. He crashed into the back of an MX6. I came over the hill and just managed to stop crashing myself. The amazing this is that no-one in any of the four cars involved in the accident were killed. One man was taken to hospital with spinal injuries but we recieved a call the next day saying that he’d been discharged. Praise God! We were all very shaken up. Kate’s car has been written off.  And she only owned it for one day! Ah well. It makes you very aware of what’s truly important. Needless to say, we are celebrating the fact that we’re all safe.

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