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Shoeless Update

Today my darling Katie posted on her Facebook page (link below) about the hard decision she has made concerning Shoeless, the charity she began some six years ago.

As a wee child she was was always compassionate, and had the gift of seeing people’s hearts. When she was four my sister in law took her to visit her mother who had recently lost her husband and had moved into a retirement village. Katie studied her face seriously for a few moments and then asked, “Excuse me. Are you sad?” The lady was deeply touched and told Katie, “Yes, dear, I am. I miss my Jim terribly.” Katie nodded and thought for a while. Then she suggested, “You should have a baby.” The woman told all her new friends in the home about the little blonde angel who had seen her sadness and offered a remedy. 

🙂 So today my heart is full of emotion – I feel so very proud of my girl who has given so much of herself to walk this Shoeless walk for over five years. I know something of what it has cost her. But I also know what a joy and blessing it has brought to her. To our whole family. So we are going to celebrate as a family all that she’s done over these past years. Celebrate what God has been able to do through her and the lives He has touched. We’re going to look at the photos, watch the videos, reminisce, and mostly thank God for it all. Well done, Katie! Keep walking the walk. Keep caring. And just around the corner you’ll discover the next adventure God has for you.

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