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Calling All My Little Fans!

This is a special post to all my fans (big and little) who have written to me over the last few years and told me how much they’ve enjoyed my books! I am about to send off my next book in The Barn Chronicles to the publisher and printer, and am wanting to put a few messages in there from some of my readers about how much they love my books! I have some wonderful ones already, but I’d like to give you the opportunity to send me your very own thoughts – it doesn’t have to be long at all – and maybe you’ll get to see your name in the next book. (Of course I may not be able  to use  them all…)

This is a lovely picture that I’ve got by my desk… sorry the photo’s not that great!

If you’d like to send me something, email it to

Thanks in advance!! Have a lovely day.

Rosie ~ 17 November 2011

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