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Comings and Goings

We’ve had eight gorgeous little chickens hatch! Cackleberry is the proud mother of an assortment of chickens – white, russet, black, and brown. At least she sat on the eggs and hatched them. Milly put a few from each of her hens under her, so we have leghorns, bantams, plymouth barred rocks…

Prince Rilian is the proud dad and spends a bit of time near the cage checking his babies out.

Today we said goodbye to our beautiful fawn and white Indian Runner drake. (He’s the one in the photo with the dark head) He was the only one of a number of ducklings to survive, and unfortuantely was the wrong sex. He’s been scrapping with Sir Francis Drake 11 and so he had to go. But he’s gone to a good home and will soon be the proud leader of a little flock of white ducks.

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