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Congratulations Jada!

I’ve just got back from Brisbane where I attended the Word Writer’s Conference and the CALEB Awards dinner.

It was a real thrill for me to have both the finalists in the Boom Prize there at the dinner. The category is to inspire young writers of under 21 years of age. Hannah Austin (13) and here mum and dad were there, and Jada Rolston (9) and her mum. Both the girls are from Hamilton.

It’s a nail-biting time waiting to see who has won an award – I remember it well from the past three years! But I also know that it’s a real honour to be a finalist – whether you win or not.

Jada was awarded the prize – well done, Jada!!!


I hope both  the girls keep writing! I actually won my first writing competition while I was living in Papua, New Guinea. I was nine, just like Jada. 🙂 I received a first edition copy of The Fellowship of the Ring as a prize – a treasured book for a budding author!

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