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Disbelief in the Boom household!

Yesterday something very unusual happened in our house. At least, it was very unusual judging by my children’s reactions. I actually did some ironing. Kate was the first to see me. “Mum! You’re ironing!” A look of unbelief was written all over her face. Then Joe walked past the door, glanced in the kitchen and did a double-take. “Good grief, Mum! You’re ironing!” Seconds later, Eliza came in. She too expressed amazement at her mother with an iron in her hand. Hmmm. Finally I’ve found the perfect answer to all the people who ask me how I manage to homeschool my children AND write a book. I can do those, but don’t expect me to iron as well!

Can you believe it though, that night I arrived home from a dinner date, to find all my careful ironing had been dumped on a chair by one of my young children. Everything was crumpled and wrinkled again. What a waste of time and effort! I guess the moral of the story is, make sure you hang the ironing up as soon as you’ve done it. (I’d forgotten that.) I think I’ll stick to writing.

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